Sun Yun-Suan: Life is too short.

ជីវិត​មនុស្ស​ខ្លី​ណាស់​ ​បើ​ខ្លួន​ចេះតែ​ខ្ជះខ្ជាយពេលវេលា​ ​កូន​នឹង​បាត់បង់​អស់ហើយ​។​ ​ដូចនេះ​បើ​ចេះ​ស្រឡាញ់​ជីវិត​ ​គឺ​ត្រូវ​ស្វែងរក​សេចក្តី​សុខ​ ​ការ​សប្បាយ​ឲ្យបាន​ច្រើន​សម្រាប់​ជីវិត​តាមផ្លូវ​ល្អ​។​


Life is too short. So if today we waste our time, tomorrow when you realize this, that part of our life is already for ever gone. Therefore, if you value your life as early as possible, then you are in a position to enjoy fully your existence this much more. Instead of hoping for longevity, you’d better off enjoying your life to the fullest right away.

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Sun Yun-Suan: Life is too short., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating